April 29, 2013

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As promised I am trying to wear more color, since I've been kind of stuck in a black and white rut. First up fire engine red! 

What I wore: Madewell Jumper, Zara Jeans, Marie Turnor Clutch, Isabel Marant Boots (new season here), Asos Rings and Saint Laurent Ring

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April 22, 2013

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unbenannt (1 von 5).jpg unbenannt (4 von 5).jpg unbenannt (5 von 5).jpg

I know I've been wearing an awful lot of black and white outfits lately. But I have always been a huge fan of the non-color combination and now that it is such a big trend, I have a great excuse to wear it even more often. So my challenge for the week is to wear more color. Big goals this week, right?;) 

What I wore: Topshop Pants and Jacket, H&M T-shirt, Zara Heels, Anya Hindmarch Bag, American Eagle Necklace, Mango and Asos Rings, Asos ID Bracelet, Rebecca Minkoff Heart Bracelet and Nasty Gal Studded Bangle

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Weekend Wear

April 17, 2013

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As I was spring cleaning my closet, to be honest a still ongoing process, I discovered that I actually didn't own any real blue jeans. A lot of jeggings and black jeans, but not a pair of classic jeans. So when I found this pair on Shopbop I was over the moon, the wash is perfect and I love how the rips make it a little edgy. 

Another reason why I love these pictures, aside from my new jeans, is that I didn't need to wear a coat over my leather jacket for the first time this year. I am so ready for spring! 

unbenannt (4 von 4).jpg unbenannt (2 von 4).jpg

What I wore: Joe's Jeans Boyfriend Jeans, Topshop Jumper, Leather Jacket, and Fedora, Pour la Victoire Ankle Boots, Yves Saint Laurent Bag, One by Jackson Sunglasses, Gorjana Alphabet Necklace and Topshop Heart Necklace, Kenneth Jay Lane Bracelet

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90's Kid + Interview

April 10, 2013

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For all of you who asked about the dog, it is my boyfriend's, but I love him as if he was my own! 
All of my readers who understand German can check out an interview I did with here!

I hope you are having a fabulous day!
Love, Kate 

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What I wore: River Island Skirt (also worn here), Wildfox Jumper, Topshop Leather Jacket, Pour la Victoire Boots
Reed Krakoff BagRay Ban Sunglasses, Jewelry: Asos Ring, Marc by Marc, CC Skye, American Eagle Bracelets

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I don't care, I love it

April 8, 2013

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This line from the ubiquitous IconaPop song, describes my feeling for this blazer perfectly. It just works with everything so I will probably never take it off, but I promise you, soon there will be pictures without it. 
On the other hand, where the line from the song couldn't be further from the truth, is the snow and rain that doesn't seem to stop. While we were taking these pictures my hair got kind of wet from the sleet, you can actually see the process of my hair getting wet in the pictures. 
But on a brighter note, how amazing is the color of my new shoes?:) 

By the way, I would love for those of you who already follow me on GFC (you are amazing), and also the ones who don't, to follow my blog via Bloglovin, since GFC is shutting down!

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What I wore: Topshop Jeans and T-Shirt, Zara Blazer (recent) and Heels (recent), Diane von Fürstenberg Clutch, Louis Vuitton Scarf, Asos and CC Skye Bracelets, Gorjana, Topshop and American Eagle Necklaces

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Black and White

April 5, 2013

unbenannt (5 von 5).jpg

I have to make a confession, I wore this blazer almost everyday since I got it. I can't remember how I could ever live without it, so you will see it on the blog quite often! 
I wore this outfit to the birthday party of one of my closest friends and just uploading the pictures makes me think of the super fun night we all had. 

unbenannt (4 von 5).jpg unbenannt (3 von 5).jpg unbenannt (1 von 5).jpg unbenannt (2 von 5).jpg

What I wore: H&M Skirt, Topshop T-shirt and Cross Necklace, Zara Jacket (recent), Jimmy Choo Shoes, Balenciaga Clutch, Gorjana Initial and American Eagle Necklaces, Kenneth Jay Lane and McQueen Bracelets

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Vienna's Uniform

April 4, 2013

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This outfit is my, and basically all of Vienna's uniform. The snow and rain are really taking their toll on the city and everyone in Vienna is wearing some kind of combination of jeans, boots, and a parka. 
At the beginning of winter I was so happy I bought this parka: I loved the length, the leopard print on the inside and the warmth it gave me. 
Now I hate putting it, and another jacket underneath on in the morning just because it is the warmest thing I own. I miss the days when a leather jacket would be enough to keep me warm during the day... After my rant I now realized, I really really need spring to come!

unbenannt (3 von 3).jpg unbenannt (1 von 3).jpg

What I wore: Zara Parka and Cardigan, JBrand Jeans, Topshop Striped Top and Leather Jacket, Vanessa Bruno Boots, Celine Bag, Karen Walker Sunglasses

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Pink Peplum

April 2, 2013

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I hope everyone had a beautiful easter weekend with good food and even better company, I sure did enjoy mine. 
I wore this outfit to the birthday brunch of one of my best friends and thought it would be a great occasion to test-wear my new peplum top. I actually already own a different one, but it shrunk in the wash, making me dislike the peplum trend. Since I believe in second chances, I decided to give it another go, so when I saw this top on sale at Shopbop I decided to get it and I have to say I fell back in love with peplums. 
What do you think about peplums, yay or nay?

Ps, don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin to still get updates when GFC shuts down!:) 

unbenannt (2 von 5).jpg   unbenannt (1 von 5).jpg unbenannt (3 von 5).jpg unbenannt (4 von 5).jpg

What I wore: Topshop Jeans, Blaque Label Peplum Top, Zara Jacket and Shoes (both recent), Celine Bag, Jewelry: Mango, Asos, Gorjana, Topshop

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