Santorini Day 1

September 30, 2012


Good morning guys, I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I am off to the library, since I have an exam on Tuesday.. I really hope you are spending you Sunday a little better than I do... I love spending rainy Sundays in bed, but what can you do :) 

These pictures are from the first day spent in Santorini, we arrived rather early with the ferry and just relaxed by the pool and had some nice lunch. These pictures were taken on our little balcony, which had an amazing view, overlooking the hotel's own vineyards, it was just so picturesque how I always imagined Santorini to be:) 

I went for a laid back look, combining one of my favorite pair of shorts with a lace shirt I bought in Zurich. 

The sunglasses I am wearing were a gift from who asked me to write a review about them. To be honest, since my head is on the smaller size, they were a little bit too small for me, but I really like the design. It is always hard to find optical sunglasses (mine aren't, but they do sell them  as well on their site), although I don't need glasses, I see how my mom struggles to find a nice pair of optical sunglasses. That's also why I agreed on partnering with the site, since I think it should be known that there is a place out there, that does sell optical sunglasses that look good:) 

All in all, they are good quality sunglasses, that really shield your eyes from the sun.. tested it in Santorini, staring into the sun for about half a minute;)  

What do you think about my look?:) 


What I wore:
Topshop Shorts
Massimo Dutti Lace Shirt
All Saints Belt
Converse Sneakers
Sunglasses thanks to 
Marc by Marc Jacobs Bangles


  1. Beautiful photos, I just loved the Santorini country side.


  2. You have an amazing blog! Would you like to follow each other?

    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  3. I love the look, and that background is beautiful!!


    Tamara B.
    LilMissStyle Blog

  4. WOW, gorgeous photos, what a view!
    Love your top and armparty!



  5. nice pics!1
    love yout blog

  6. Nice Allstars. One of my favorites! And goodluck with your exams. Let me know if you want to follow each other.


  7. lovely, lovely view! this makes me wish my hair was longer!

    lindsey louise

  8. Love the lace top ! following xoxo stay fabb <3


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